In many parts of Europe, 11 November is an important day. It marks the day the armistice was signed signalling the end of the First World War.

But we also live in a world where football is a major part. Up to one-tenth of the global population is involved with the game of football as players in one level or the other. And the game of football is about 11 v 11.

So what better date to spread the word and celebrate football, it’s players and support all that the game embraces – a game of 11 v 11 – than the eleventh day of the eleventh month every year. It is why we have decided to honour the football player – past present and future – on 11 November, naming it the International Day of the Football Player ‘n’ Teams.

On the day we remember our players and what they have done to make the game what it is. Many times we tend to focus on the other aspects of the game – the business, the marketing, the politics – and we tend to forget what it all boils down to: a game of 11 v 11.

Our aim is to use 11-11 to uncover areas through which we can make a complete package of our football players, support them where we can, provide them with synergies that will make them fulfilled before, during and after their playing careers. We intend to look out for our players and provide the support they need to make a complete package of them.

But…..there’s something in it for everyone. Players don’t exist independently. A lot of other people’s input go together to make each player what they are. And Football11-11 will, through Projects11-11 and Konsult11-11 promote synergies and collaborations that would raise the bar of creating a mindful football fraternity.

The President and Founder of Football11-11 is Tunde Adelakun, a former football journalist and football coach who has worked with football players over the last 30 years in different capacities and recognises the importance of players in creating a viable ecosystem in society, while also looking after their well-being through Project Mindfare. For more, please check