The African Football Club and Sports Management Business Group Association (SMBGASSO) have established a pioneer partnership centered on sports education and sports career development/ enhancement

The African Football Club is pleased to announce the signing of a pioneer partnership focused on sports education and sports career development/ enhancement with Sports Management Business Group Association (SMBGASSO). The partnership will focus on markets in Africa, Europe, and elsewhere.

Based in Luxembourg, SMBGASSO’s mission is to promote and support the practice of sport and continued education through sport, by facilitating access to industry professionals, methods, and networks for individuals passionate about sports, athletes, clubs, and institutions’ staff and personnel.

SMBGASSO has established a unique Sports Academy in partnership with LUNEX University, International University of Health, Exercise and Sports and Sports Management Worldwide. LUNEX University is a prominent university based in Luxembourg that focuses on research, science, practice, and lecturing in order to provide a holistic experience for its students on sports, movement, health, and management.

Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW), which is based in Portland, Oregon in the United States, is a global leader in sports business education for over 20 years. SMWW instructors and mentors work for/ have worked for the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Football League (NFL), Major League Soccer, FIFA, Major League Baseball, and other major sports leagues and organizations.

The SMBGASSO Sports Academy has designed a distinct program consisting of 7 sports career specializations and a mix of online and in person classes (including international practicum internships, camps, and conferences). The SMBGASSO Sports Academy also offers +70 specialized careers and industry focused courses. The strength of the SMBGASSO Sports Academy is reflected in SMBG’s professional support network of +30,000 alumni in +160 countries worldwide through SMWW.

For the purposes of this partnership, SMBGASSO and The African Football Club will be consolidating their strengths and expertise in showcasing their collective commitment to higher education training and curriculum, specific to sports business and sports careers. The African Football Club, which is part of Football11-11, will also collaborate with its sister company, the African Football Scouts and Coaches Association and its +600 members. This pioneer partnership will be led by Hubert Register II, a former American professional basketball star and President of SMBGASSO, and Captain ‘Tunde Adelakun & Rachel A. Aron of The African Football Club.

This is big. And our aim is to create a freshness in the narrative of sports education in Africa. Stay tuned on our various media outlets to see how it can affect and enhance you!

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