We had it in 2011, joined up with CAF in 2012 and launched in 2013. It is the African Football Hall of Fame – project designed to keep a mark of honour, fame and recognition to the people who put African football on the global map through their exploits, on and off the field.
Then it went to sleep, for many reasons.
But we are back, and this time, for good!
We are determined to keep the project and to actually award individuals – worthy individuals Hall of Fame status in African football.

These are the words of Founder/Chief Executive of the project, ‘Tunde Adelakun;
“There are so many of us here that can say – African football made us – and we owe it to the practitioners of the game, past and present, to recognise them, and keep their places in history, that generations unborn do not forget them.
“We will celebrate the many players who put African football on the world map. We will recognise and award coaches, referees and administrators who have made Africa proud. And we will keep a place in history for those that always thought Africa first in their dealings in the face of adversity.

“We will conduct programs and activities that will be geared towards ensuring that none of our African pride and heroes will be left alone to go through hard times. And we will also, through the Hall of Fame Foundation, provide avenues for capacity building and infrastructure development for any part of Africa that needs support”.
There is more on this to come. Keep on following.
We are working, committed to the good of the game of football….in Africa!